Newsletter Summer 2018

CD Reviews

Veronneau: Love & Surrender

A unique sound is a prized stylistic trait among jazz musicians. From the emergence of jazz in New Orleans cornetist Buddy Bolden’s music until now, all the jazz greats have had a sound that expresses their distinct musical personalities. A unique sound is one of the many pleasures of Veronneau, the Washington, DC-area jazz and world music group, which has recently released their fourth album, Love and Surrender. | Read more>> Read More
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Fells Point Jazz and Arts Festival 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending the first Fells Point Jazz and Arts Festival, held on a beautiful sunny day in May (5/12/2018). Actually, I was there to set up a BJA booth, to talk to the people there about all the great jazz that happens regularly in Baltimore and about our ongoing project of bringing more audiences and opportunities to the jazz scene. | Read more>> Read More

Where’s the Jazz?

The BJA was excited to announce in June the introduction of our new weekly email updates of current jazz events, along with a video reminder of weekly events for our followers on Facebook and Instagram. For many years we’ve collected email addresses from interested jazz fans at Artscape, at BJA events, and at other events where we’ve reached out to people who express an interest, but for years we have sent only sporadic announcements to these 2000-plus subscribers. | Read more>> Read More