Brandon Woody, Rising Trumpet Star
I first encountered trumpeter Brandon Woody, now aged 20, last August, when he led an open-mic jam session at the Motor House on North Avenue with his group, Upendo (Swahili for “love”). I then caught one of his monthly gigs at An die Musik on North Charles. | Read more>>
Charles Covington, Gentle Genius
Genius comes in many forms . . . loud and brash demanding attention and tainted with narcissistic hubris; or understated and gentle, so quiet it goes unnoticed in a world where a cacophony of stimuli vies for our attention. Charles Covington, Jr. | Read more>>
In case you hadn’t heard, applications are now open for jazz performers (along with classical, dance, fashion, and more) for Artscape 2019. Note that these applications are for performances NOT on the main stages – those applications closed several months ago, and will be opening soon for 2020. | Read more>>
Bright Moments
I finally cracked the debut album by Baltimore bassist Ed Hrybyk, Bright Moments — not sure what took me so long, but glad I got around to it. It’s an excellent recording of a bunch of good tunes, featuring some of Baltimore’s best musicians: Clarence Ward III, Samuel King, Daniel Wallace, Justin Taylor, Jim Hannah, Allen Bernard Branch, Sami Arefin, Matt Andrews, Shawn Simon, and of course, Ed Hrybyk on upright and electric basses. | Read more>>
Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra
Picture this—a band of twelve musicians decked out in white busboy jackets with red carnations and a female singer in 1920s flapper-style dress, necklace and headband. Aside from the typical jazz band instrumentation of saxes, brass, piano and drums, the band features banjo, tuba and violin. | Read more>>