Stage Fright and How to Conquer It
A condition commonly plaguing performers can be overcome. Is there anyone amongst us who has never had some stage fright?  My question is, of course, rhetorical.  Stage fright is a “common denominator” of musical performers, at one time or another.   Moreover, the general psychological phenomenon of performance anxiety is not limited to stage fright per se; it also applies to one’s emotional response to any kind of performance; for example, doing a job interview, giving a toast at a wedding, going on a first date, and “rounding third base” some time after that first date…  Not only is some degree of anxiety entirely normal before and/or during a musical event, it’s actually necessary for optimal performance.  | Read more>>
"I'll Be Seeing You in All the Old Familiar Places"
–A nostalgic look at the jazz scene of yesteryear and questions for the future It was a dark and stormy night … not really; it was actually rather drizzly, but nobody walked through the doors of the old club on Pennsylvania Avenue, The Sphinx Club, without shaking a little drizzle off their hat or wiping down some of the wetness on their sleeves.  | Read more>>
Retirement Can Be Tough--but Jazz Can Help
For some, retirement brings immediate happiness, but for many, there’s a tough period of adjustment. Without work, you can lose social contacts, a way to fill your time, your sense of who you are, your self-esteem, and your source of meaning in life. | Read more>>