General Information
Sounds & Stories
The musical life of Maryland’s African-American Communities from the archives of the Peabody Institute.DC Jazz
Everything you want to know about jazz in DC

All About Jazz
The most comprehensive jazz site on the Internet

Discover Jazz Near You
Jazz calendar managed by the folks at All About Jazz

Desert Island Jazz
Great jazz site maintained by David May at WHFC

The Smithsonian Institution Jazz Page
Lots of links and information

Musical Playgrounds for Kids: The History of Jazz Music
A great compendium of information specifically curated for young students to learn about jazz

Baltimore based Musicians/Groups

Harold Adams
Roger Aldridge
Sandy Asirvatham
David Bach
The Baltimore Jazz Trio
Larry Brown Quintet
The Todd Butler Group
Bill Byrd
Cold Spring Jazz Quartet

Mitchell Coates
Bradley Collins
Kyle Coughlin
Ryan Diehl
Andy Ennis
Fifth Avenue Band with Charlene Cochran 
Skip Grasso
Tim Green 
Kent Gregory

Brad Gunson
Greg Hatza Home Page
Adam Hopkins
Bob Jacobson
Jazz Caravan
Carlos Johnson
DeWayne Jones
Vance James
Ray Jozwiak
Seth Kibel … The Seth Kibel Kleztet
Kings of Crownsville
Manny Martinez
Marianne Matheny-Katz
Sean Lane
Elliot Levine
Al Maniscalco
Gail Marten
Jesse “Jay” Moody

Mark Mosley
Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra
Mario Palumbo
Savino Palumbo
Peabody Ragtime Ensemble
Edward Plant
Project Natale
Michael Raitzyk 
Phil Ravita
Jeff Reed
Tom Reyes
Nevitta Ruddy
Darius Scott – Darious Scott-Resolution Jazz Group
George Spicka I George Spicka II
Greg Thompkins
Dan Wallace
The Richard Walton Group
Symphony Black

OrganizationsThe Baltimore Blues Society
The Chamber Jazz Society of Baltimore
The Eubie Blake Center
International Songwriting Competition


WEAA 88.9 (Morgan State University)
Cool Jazz Countdown
WHFC 91.1 (Harford County Community Radio)
WYPR 88.1 (Baltimore Public Radio)
The BocX Web Radio
Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey

Other Stuff

Leo Howard Lubow – Jazz Photographer Extra Ordinaire

Leo has posted a terrific guide with tips for photographing concerts

“Sax and the City.” A City Paper story from July 2004

“Where Jazz Still Echos.” A walking tour of Pennsylvania Avenue with Ruby Glover

Story about the (now defunct) Shortstop Lounge with interesting snippets about local musicians