Saturday, October 17 2020

Cyrus Chestnut & Affirmation

LIFE-AFFIRMING. We could not be more grateful about the deeply swinging and soulful music that Cyrus Chestnut, Tim Green, Steve Kirby, and Quincy Phillips are sharing with us as they lift our spirits with every note at Keystone Korner Baltimore. This is truly music that makes the heart dance and our souls sing, no matter what the daunting challenges of our time. Eternal gratitude, faith, and enduring love....

Streaming cost is $10
Donations are hugely appreciated.
The link will be revealed to you 15 minutes prior to the show and will remain active for 24 hours.

Get Tickets Here:
Location: KEYSTONE KORNER BALTIMORE 1350 Lancaster St. Baltimore MD 21231 410-946-6726

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