Sunday, March 12 2017

Dan Blake and The Digging

“Blake, whose versatility and probing ears have made him a ripe collaborator for both Julian Lage and Anthony Braxton within a year, brings an intelligence and taste for adventure but also a solid swing and tradition-hugging mandate to his work as both player and writer.” Downbeat Magazine (4 star review)

Dan Blake - saxophone
Dmitry Ishenko - bass
Joe Hertenstein - drums

It isn’t rare for artists to speak of the journey that they have taken in their maturation. It is more
impressive when they apply the principles of discovery and challenge into every part of their
lives. Saxophonist and composer Dan Blake happens to be just one of those artists who strives to
do just that in an effort to make himself a better artist and person.

From the beginning of his musical studies, Blake has made it his aim to work as a leader in the
jazz tradition, but on his own terms. His interest in music from all over the world and his work
with a diverse group of leaders, including Esperanza Spalding, Julian Lage and Anthony Braxton,
has produced a musician and listener of depth. Blake has brought that all-encompassing spirit to
his own work, with his first two recordings being somewhat historical forays into early jazz and
post bop, as seen through the lens of Blake’s idiosyncratic and modernistic style. He has gone on
to experiment with modern classical and more avant-garde work, trying to blur the boundaries of

On his new recording The Digging, Blake looks at his music from a different angle, accepting the
test of leading and composing for a chordless sax trio, thus stripping away harmonic layers that
he has leaned on in earlier projects. The new formula allows Blake to find his voice through the
freeing potential of exploring the compositions in such an open and interactive setting. The title
of The Digging refers to not only to the jazz nomenclature of liking something but the actual
work of searching and getting beneath the surface, in this case to create a sound that is personal
and believable.

Tickets: $15 in advance/$18 at door /$10 full-time students with ID
Location: AN DIE MUSIK, 409 North Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201 410-385-2638,

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