Sunday, January 19 2020

Derrick Michaels: "Posture of Possibility" featuring Liam Hurlbut

The first quarter dates of this monthly Sunday series are
Jan 19, Feb 16. Mar 8

6-9 pm
$10 admission

January 19th - featuring Liam Hurlbut
6:00-9:00 pm - $10 admission

Special format!
Short Solo improvisation from Featured Performer followed by:

Set 1: Ephemera Quartet

Liam Hurlbut, saxophone
Nick Saia, guitar
Derek Wiegmann, bass
Darrell Reddix, drums

*15 minute intermission *

Set 2: Derrick Michaels & Liam Hurlbut tenor saxophones
with special guest performers
Location: AN DIE MUSIK, 409 North Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201 410-385-2638,

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