Tuesday, November 5 2019

Habitat: Todd Harper, Ian Rashkin, Sarah Hughes, Eric Kennedy

In 1990-91, bassist Ian Rashkin and pianist Todd Harper played together in “The Seekers of Beauty”, a Minneapolis based jazz collective featuring original compositions emphasizing explorations in form, rhythm, and improvisation. When Ian left Minneapolis, the two kept in touch with their various musical adventures; for years, Harper and Rashkin have been planning a musical reunion, and at long last the plans have to coalesced to bring you this special event. Habitat brings together compositions and improvisatory skeletons created by Harper and Rashkin over the last 30 years -- some revisited from their early collaboration, and some never yet performed. Joining them on this adventure are two of the Baltimore area’s most creative and talented musicians, saxophonist Sarah Hughes and drummer Eric Kennedy.
Location: AN DIE MUSIK, 409 North Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201 410-385-2638, www.andiemusiklive.com

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