In the Valley: Todd Marcus’ New Album

Todd Marcus is a widely acclaimed Egyptian-American musician, composer, and arranger, raised in New Jersey but long based in Baltimore, Maryland. As a composer and arranger, he says he is self-taught. But as a self-taught musician myself, I know that he has music in his blood—and this, along with his early musical training, is credential enough for his amazing composing and arranging skills. | Read more>> Read more

Seth Kibel’s Newest Album Clarinetflix & Chill

Woodwinds extraordinaire Seth Kibel has received much praise for his stellar performances throughout the years, eventually becoming a highly sought-after performer all around the Mid-Atlantic region. He has recently released his fifth album Clarinetflix & Chill where five tracks straddle a variety of musical styles, offering much delight to the listener. | Read more>> Read more

Vocalist Tony Z’s New Album: Standing Ovations

Vocalist Tony Ziesat explains that his latest album, with pianist Stef Scaggiari, is titled Standing Ovations! because its nine songs “have struck a resonant chord in audiences during my live performances over the years.” Many of those performances took place at Germano’s, the Little Italy restaurant which often featured jazz and which, like so many others, did not survive the Covid pandemic. | Read more>> Read more

Irene Jalenti – An Expert Storyteller Finds Her Inner Voice

One of the qualities I always look for in an artist is a unique point of view—what they bring to the public conversation, something that is solely theirs. And so, it is  gratifying when an artist you have known for a while and watched perform and evolve creates a project that is extraordinary in its rich display of skill, personality, passion, and artistry–and crowned with a magical “something extra”. | Read more>> Read more