Author: Marianne Matheny-Katz

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Irene Jalenti – An Expert Storyteller Finds Her Inner Voice

One of the qualities I always look for in an artist is a unique point of view—what they bring to the public conversation, something that is solely theirs. And so, it is  gratifying when an artist you have known for a while and watched perform and evolve creates a project that is extraordinary in its rich display of skill, personality, passion, and artistry–and crowned with a magical “something extra”. | Read more>> Read More
CD Reviews


One of the great pleasures I take in being a participant in Baltimore’s jazz community is bearing witness to the endless stream of original and innovative projects produced by Baltimore’s exceptionally talented local musicians.  Baltimore, and the Maryland-DC-Virginia area, in general, continue to be a remarkably consistent fertile ground for new musical ideas, easily equal to cities like New York, Philadelphia and Chicago . | Read more>> Read More