Author: Liz Fixsen

Concert Reviews

A Musical Walk through Baltimore’s Jazz History with the John Lamkin II Quintet

Trumpeter John Lamkin II led a smoking hot band at Caton Castle on Saturday April 15th with Michael Hairston on tenor, Bob Butta on piano, Mike Graham Jr. on bass, and Jesse Moody on drums.  This tight, energetic ensemble played an electrifying program that included a number of Lamkin’s originals that took us on a journey down the memory lane of Baltimore’s jazz history. | Read more>> Read More
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Jazz Education in Baltimore

Baltimore Jazz Conference April 22, 2023 One of the sessions at the annual Baltimore Jazz Alliance Jazz Conference (at An die Musik, April 22, 20231) s was on Jazz Education in Baltimore. The panelists were Lionel Lyles, new head of jazz studies at Morgan State University; Gregory Thompkins, Music Director of the Baltimore Jazz Education Project and woodwinds teacher at Winston Middle School; Brian Prechtel, director of Peabody’s OrchKids program; Kwame Kenyatta-Bey, BJA board member and member of the Baltimore City Public Schools Board of Commissioners; and Anna Celenza, teacher of musicology at Peabody Conservatory of Music.  | Read more>> Read More