The Joni Chronicles

The Joni Chronicles Returns

The legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, now 75, is rarely performing, but she has made an indelible impression not only on her own but also on later generations. Hers is an ever-challenging oeuvre, with her innovative excursions into and mingling of genres and her probing, elliptical, wry, poetic lyrics. | Read more>>
New (and not-so-new) Jazz Venues in Baltimore

New (and not-so-new) Jazz Venues in Baltimore

Baltimore is blessed with a long list of venues providing live jazz of all types, as can be seen from the jazz calendar and on our web page, “Where’s the jazz?” But new venues are turning up all the time. And some old venues aren’t as well-known as they should be. | Read more>>

Joni Mitchell Revisited at Jazzway 6004

“Moons and Junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy, dancing way you feel….”  “And the sun came in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses…..”  “They paved Paradise, put up a parking lot….”  Who of us born before 1970 doesn’t recall those memorable Joni Mitchell lyrics? | Read more>>