Seth Kibel’s Newest Album Clarinetflix & Chill

Woodwinds extraordinaire Seth Kibel has received much praise for his stellar performances throughout the years, eventually becoming a highly sought-after performer all around the Mid-Atlantic region. He has recently released his fifth album Clarinetflix & Chill where five tracks straddle a variety of musical styles, offering much delight to the listener. | Read more>> Read more

Blake Meister, Bassist Extraordinaire

Known for his wit and versatility, Philadelphia-born bassist Blake Meister has become a widely recognized name in Baltimore’s jazz scene and beyond. Even in the toughest of times, he remains one of the busiest (and most positive) musicians around. Whether attending Terra Cafe’s Monday night jam session or performing on stage at all the local haunts and venues, you can be sure that he is always on the move and at the ready. | Read more>> Read more