Author: Ian Rashkin

CD Reviews

Erin Connelly: Fruitful

Erin Connelly’s debut album Fruitful is a beautiful snapshot of four talented artists caught in the moment of creation. Recorded live at Peabody Conservatory’s Joe Byrd Hall, the album features Derrick Michaels on saxophones, Tony Martucci on drums, and Zach Swanson on upright bass, and consists of just three tracks, each a fully improvised work with its own colors and textures. | Read more>> Read More
BJA News

BJA in the Year of Covid-19

Summer Music Moves Goes Outside, Baltimore Jazz Conference Goes Virtual, The Calendar Stays Online, and The Beat Goes On It goes without saying that 2020 has been a very tough year, for artists struggling to make a living, for venues struggling to stay in business, and for individuals struggling to stay healthy and to stay connected in a time of social distance and stay-at-home orders. | Read more>> Read More