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Baltimore Jazz Stories

Baltimore Jazz Conference, April 22, 2023 One of the concluding sessions of the BJA 2023 Jazz Conference was “Baltimore Jazz Stories” with a panel consisting of Clarence Ward III, Quincy Phillips, Charles Funn, Marianne Matheny-Katz, and Howard Katz. This wonderfully engaging conversation among the panelists covered many topics regarding the Baltimore jazz scene, including about the emotional and cerebral improvisation of playing and singing live music, about “Baltimore’s best jam session” led by Clarence Ward III at R House every Monday night, and about the generosity of Baltimore jazz musicians. | Read more>> Read More
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Return of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition

In past years, Baltimore hosted a renowned Billie Holiday Vocal Competition. While it was not one of our creations, BJA missed it so much we just had to bring it back. Vocalists, we want you to join Clarence Ward, III and his Session band (house band at The Session, Baltimore’s most storied weekly jam session) on the Soul Stage at AFRAM, home to this year’s Baltimore Jazz Fest, to have fun, show your talent, and compete for cash prizes! | Read more>> Read More

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