About Us

Our Mission

The Baltimore Jazz Alliance promotes and supports jazz in the Baltimore region for the benefit of both artists and audiences by presenting, educating, collaborating, and informing, to foster the rich legacy of jazz in our community.

Our Priorities

  1. To develop new audiences for jazz
  2. To strengthen communication within the jazz community
  3. To improve media relations on behalf of the jazz community
  4. To bring greater visibility to the entire array of jazz offerings in the Baltimore region
  5. To provide greater access to performance opportunities for Baltimore-area jazz musicians

Our Board of Directors

  • Nathaniel “Tre” Barr, Vice President
  • Anna Celenza (on leave)
  • Tyrone Crawley, President
  • Alice Downs
  • Steve Everette
  • Liz Fixsen
  • Anna-Lisa Kirby
  • Ian Rashkin, acting Treasurer
  • Brynn Rhodes, Secretary
  • Jacquelyn Slade
  • Barry Glassman, Founder and Emeritus
  • Camay Calloway Murphy, Emerita
  • Mark Osteen, President Emeritus

BJA is supported in part by a grant from the Creative Baltimore Fund. The Creative Baltimore Fund is a grant program funded by the Mayor’s Office and the City of Baltimore. Thank you!

Interested in joining our board? We continually seek new members to help establish and execute our ideas for jazz in Baltimore. Please see BJA SEEKS NEW BOARD MEMBERS for more info.

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