Great Reviews for Josh Espinoza's new album, Journey into Night
“Espinoza is already a powerful storyteller on his instrument, and he’s found partners who can execute his musical vision masterfully.” — Jamie Sandel, Capital Bop  Baltimore-based pianist Josh Espinoza released his debut album in June of 2018, with band members Mikel Combs on bass and Jeron Lamar Davis on drums. | Read more>>
Brandon Woody, Rising Trumpet Star
I first encountered trumpeter Brandon Woody, now aged 20, last August, when he led an open-mic jam session at the Motor House on North Avenue with his group, Upendo (Swahili for “love”). I then caught one of his monthly gigs at An die Musik on North Charles. | Read more>>
Charles Covington, Gentle Genius
Genius comes in many forms . . . loud and brash demanding attention and tainted with narcissistic hubris; or understated and gentle, so quiet it goes unnoticed in a world where a cacophony of stimuli vies for our attention. Charles Covington, Jr. | Read more>>