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Let Your Voice Be Heard – Participate in the Baltimore Music Census

The Baltimore Music Census will launch on March 4, 2024 and will last for six weeks [it’s now launched!]. What is the Baltimore Music Census, you ask? It is a community-led, voluntary survey that will gather the data needed to better understand the current needs of the Baltimore-area music community. The Baltimore Music Census will capture key information about the local music economy that will help musicians, local businesses, and non-profits make better informed, data-driven decisions about how best to support and grow the city’s music ecosystem. This initiative has been a long time coming. It took several years of writing grants and working with music industry specialists and community leaders to construct a series of questions that reflect Baltimore’s needs and interests.

Baltimore’s music scene is an important driver of creative talent, economic growth, and civic identity. Since the pandemic, Baltimore has been changing quickly. New businesses and public spaces are being proposed and built, and all could impact the city’s music scene. Anecdotes and assumptions abound when it comes to the struggles and needs of working musicians. Too often, the opinions of a few drive decisions that affect everyone. The goal of the Baltimore Music Census is to bring folks together by giving everyone a voice.

If you contribute any type of music-related work, with or without financial compensation, and you believe your skills and commitment deserve acknowledgement and support, then we would like to hear from you. This includes part-time work, rarely paid work, volunteer work, and/or administrative work connected to the music community. The survey is voluntary and anonymous. It will be open to everyone in the music community who is 18 years or older and living in the Greater Baltimore region.

If you are part of a Music Organization and you would like more information about this initiative, please reach out to Anna Celenza –

Have questions? Read the Baltimore Music Census FAQ here.


    • Please do! The census is now live and the link added in the article above. And please spread the word, not just jazz, but all Baltimore musicians should participate!


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