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Return of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition

In past years, Baltimore hosted a renowned Billie Holiday Vocal Competition. While it was not one of our creations, BJA missed it so much we just had to bring it back. Vocalists, we want you to join Clarence Ward, III and his Session band (house band at The Session, Baltimore’s most storied weekly jam session) on the Soul Stage at AFRAM, home to this year’s Baltimore Jazz Fest, to have fun, show your talent, and compete for cash prizes!

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One thought on “Return of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition

  • I was thrilled to read about the return of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition in your recent blog post. It’s exciting to see this prestigious event making a comeback and providing a platform for talented vocalists to pay tribute to the legendary Billie Holiday.

    The Billie Holiday Vocal Competition holds great significance as it not only celebrates the enduring legacy of Billie Holiday but also serves as a showcase for emerging vocalists to demonstrate their artistry and pay homage to one of the greatest jazz vocalists of all time.

    I appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into organizing such a competition, from selecting the participants to curating a program that highlights the diverse talents and styles of the performers. The competition not only provides a platform for vocalists to showcase their abilities but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and community within the jazz scene.

    Furthermore, I want to commend Baltimore Jazz for their commitment to preserving and promoting the rich history and artistry of jazz. The return of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition is a testament to your dedication to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for musicians to shine.

    I want to express my gratitude to Baltimore Jazz for organizing the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition and for your continued efforts to support and promote the jazz community. Your commitment to honoring the legacy of Billie Holiday and fostering the growth of emerging vocalists is truly commendable.

    Thank you for providing a platform for talented vocalists to celebrate the music of Billie Holiday and for keeping the spirit of jazz alive. I look forward to witnessing the incredible performances and celebrating the winners of the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition.


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