Bright Moments – Ed Hrybyk

I finally cracked the debut album by Baltimore bassist Ed Hrybyk, Bright Moments — not sure what took me so long, but glad I got around to it. It’s an excellent recording of a bunch of good tunes, featuring some of Baltimore’s best musicians: Clarence Ward III, Samuel King, Daniel Wallace, Justin Taylor, Jim Hannah, Allen Bernard Branch, Sami Arefin, Matt Andrews, Shawn Simon, and of course, Ed Hrybyk on upright and electric basses. All of them play superbly, and they blend very well on a wide variety of tunes; I especially am struck lately by Justin’s playing, and this recording just reinforced that — plus, I think Sam and Dan always complement each other perfectly. My favorite, at least on initial listen, was the tune R.G.T., with its ostinatos, harmonic interest, beautiful counterpoint, and infectious groove. The bluesy ballad Stuck also made a strong impression, with Clarence delivering a poignant melody to perfection, followed by some very nice horn arranging and soloing. Overall, a great new record, and a great chance to hear some of Baltimore’s fantastic talent. Congratulations Ed, great work!

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