Early Days of Baltimore Jazz

Baltimore jazz fans have stepped forward to support a new documentary project about the history of jazz in Baltimore, “from the days of Billie Holiday and Pennsylvania Ave all the way through to the present.” The title is “Tell Me More –and Then Some.” The project was funded through Kickstarter.

The project’s crew includes Baltimore historian and associate producer Philip Merrill, illustrator Jabari Weathers, director and MICA filmmaker Jonathan Bevers, producers Howard Katz and Marianne Matheny-Katz (of Jazzway 6004), and associate producer Jeff Finch.

The project will include film footage from last year’s BJA/Creative Alliance concert, “Baltimore Saxophone Colossi.” It will include a reenactment of Billie Holliday singing at a Baltimore club in the late 1930s, which will be performed by present-day Baltimore Jazz musicians including Integriti Reeves, Warren Wolf, Kris Funn, John Lamkin III, and Craig Alston. The Wolfs, the Funns, and the Lamkins are among Baltimore’s jazz families who are trying to keep Baltimore’s jazz traditions alive.

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