Greetings, Members of the Baltimore Jazz Alliance:

The Baltimore Jazz Alliance is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, and volunteers plan and carry out all its activities and programs. To continue as a creative and dynamic organization, the BJA needs new blood – new people with new insights, experiences, ideas, and expertise.

For that reason, the Board of Directors is planning an election of officers and board members and wishes to ask members for nominations. Each person nominated (by self or others) must submit a brief statement including qualifications and a vision for the organization; please make it no more than about 150 words total. The nomination period closes by midnight, Saturday Nov. 23rd. Nominations should be sent to:

As soon as the nomination period has concluded, the Board will select a slate of candidates from those nominees and shortly thereafter announce the date of an ONLINE election. The election will be held three days after the announcement, and the election will be open for 48 hours.

Relevant qualifications include the following:
• willingness and ability to dedicate time and energy;
• previous experience on non-profit boards;
• particular expertise (law, accounting, grant-writing, etc.);
• experience as a jazz musician, promoter, or aficionado.

Here are the requirements to be a Board member:
• Attend the majority of monthly meetings (cannot miss three consecutive meetings).
• Monitor organizational and fiscal performance;
• Work on at least two BJA events, projects, activities, or tasks in any calendar year;
• Serve on at least one sub-committee;
• Support and promote the BJA’s mission in the community.

Briefly stated, these are the duties of the Officers:

• Creates agendas and presides at all meetings of the board
• Presents an annual report of the organization’s work at each annual meeting
• Ensures that all records are properly kept or filed
• Takes a leadership role in setting goals and priorities
• Represents the BJA and serves as liaison to the community at large

Vice President:
• Performs duties of the president in the absence or disability of the president

• Records and keeps minutes of meetings
• Maintains copies of written correspondence and BJA records
• Files any certificates required by statute
• Gives and serves all notices to BJA members

• Maintains accounts of all receipts and disbursements
• Takes responsibility for BJA funds and securities
• Signs checks or drafts drawn on BJA funds
• Presents a written financial report at board meetings
• Maintains membership data

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