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Ethan Helm’s tune, “The Color Wheel” was one of four winning compositions in the BJA Baltimore Jazz Composers Showcase, 2013.

The Color Wheel, by Ethan Helm

Ethan Helm’s tune, “The Color Wheel” was inspired by the way that the colors of a pinwheel blend as it spins in the wind – like jazz, which takes grooves and harmonic colors–from blues, European classical music, Latin-American music, and pop –and blends them into something unique and beautiful. The primary “color” in this tune was decidedly Latin American. The tune began with a bowed bass ostinato and a long, slow horn duet playing an angular, meandering melody. Then after, a brief piano cadenza, the band launched into a lively samba with a touch of swing feel. Moment by moment, the temperature rose as the sax solo blazed with a flurry of notes, the trumpet tooted and squawked with a touch of New Orleans Mardi Gras, and the drummer summoned up a voodoo spell as he furiously plied toms, snares, rims, cymbals, cowbell, and a whole range of percussion sounds. — Liz Fixsen

See an early article (in this website) with bios on all composers featured in the concert Sept. 29th, 2013 at Loyola’s McManus Theater.

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